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Have you been looking for a podcast that focuses on insurance subrogation?  Of course you have, and here you are!  On Subrogation is brought to you by national subrogation law firm, Rathbone Group, LLC, and hosted by experienced litigators, who focus their practice on subrogation.  It is the podcast about how to recover your damages from the people who caused them.

Topics span litigation, claims, and many more.

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Special thanks to Ralph DiSylvestro for our intro and outro music!

Nov 17, 2023

This week, join us as we revisit our episode on Liability and the Online Marketplace: Taking on the World’s Most Valuable Retail Company as a refresher!

Original Air Date: October 8, 2019

Can an online marketplace be liable for damages caused by a third-party vendor’s product?  The answer is, maybe.  Join 

Nov 3, 2023

This is the second installment in our suite on Known Defects and Mass Torts.  Last month, we discussed the Ford Pinto cases from the 1970’s.  Today, we are back in present day with another allegation of automobile defects: are auto manufacturers’ laudable efforts to go green causing damages to those cars?

Oct 20, 2023

This week, join us as we revisit our episode on Servicemembers Civil Relief Act a refresher!

Original Air Date: June 18, 2019

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), formerly known as the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, are a set of laws that allow military personnel and servicemembers to focus on...

Oct 6, 2023

When purchasing a new car, customers trust that manufacturers prioritize safety. Unfortunately for many, other priorities created a recipe for disaster when Ford developed the Ford Pinto. Not only was this car unable to withstand a crash exceeding a mere 5 mph, but as plaintiffs successfully argued, Ford blatantly...

Sep 22, 2023

This week, join us as we revisit our episode on In-State Service of Process for a refresher!

Original Air Date: August 27, 2019

What if you had a lawsuit and nobody showed up?  Each State has rules governing the service of process in civil suits filed in their courts.  Join Steve and Rebecca as they discuss how...