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Have you been looking for a podcast that focuses on insurance subrogation?  Of course you have, and here you are!  On Subrogation is brought to you by national subrogation law firm, Rathbone Group, LLC, and hosted by experienced litigators, who focus their practice on subrogation.  It is the podcast about how to recover your damages from the people who caused them.

Topics span litigation, claims, and many more.

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Dec 30, 2022

When one party does something that benefits another, they expect to be paid.  But what happens when the recipient refuses to pay?  If there’s no contract between them, are they stuck?  Not if the plaintiff can prove the defendant was unjustly enriched.  The law applies this concept to create fairness, and requires the recipient to pay restitution for the benefit it received. 

On this week’s podcast, Rebecca and Steve navigate the principle of Unjust Enrichment and explain how it applies in different states.